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Northminster offers such a wonderful learning experience. Both our son and daughter attended Northminster for Pre-k and loved it! It was comforting to know that our children would be in a safe and engaging learning environment that allowed for so much personal, and academic growth. The teachers and staff are very supportive and gave great feedback on our kids progress as well. I loved receiving pictures and updates on their activities that they were involved in. I highly recommend Northminster to anyone looking for a quality early childhood education program!

-Vicki, Former Pre-K Parent

Our daughter had a wonderful year in the PreK 4 class! Her teachers' creativity, patience, and love, ensured a year of positivity and growth. The thought, time, and energy that went into the classroom and teaching, fostered a love of learning in our daughter.

The positive and consistent communication that we received from her teacher, and the school's administration, made the connection of school to home, a seamless one. We are grateful for such a wonderful program! 

-Terry and Beth, Former Pre-K Parents

We love Northminister!! All 3 of our children have attended Northminister and I couldn't say enough great things about this school. It's very clean and well-kept, the classrooms are very welcoming and the staff is incredible. This school focuses on small classrooms with one-on-one care for the children and really gets them ready for grade school.


We felt very safe sending our children through the toughest of times during COVID.  Soheila and her team put the safety of our children first and made the transition very easy. I would highly recommend this school to anyone who is looking to get their son or daughter ready for grade school both in educational and social components.

-Jill and Andrew, Current Pre-K Parents

Northminster was a blessing beyond measure for my child. With everything going on in the world I was so worried that my daughter wouldn’t be able to experience pre-school in person but thanks to Northminster she was able to do so in a great way. The entire staff takes the time to get to know parents and children which makes the experience that much better. The lessons and activities they plan are perfect for the ages they teach and helped my daughter learn and grow immensely during her time there. The entire staff was a pleasure to work with every day!


-Lori, Former Pre-K Parent


This year, my daughter attended Northminister for pre-school. I cannot thank her teachers or staff enough for the time and effort that they put in, in order to help my daughter grow and blossom this year. The staff at Northminister all went above and beyond to make her feel welcome, special, and loved. As a mother and as a teacher that is more than I could’ve ever asked for.

-Rachel, Former Pre-K Parent


In a year with so many uncertainties, we are comforted knowing the staff and teachers at Northminster Early Childhood Center have gone above and beyond to figure out a safe and effective way to allow students to attend “regular” classes. They have communicated clearly about new processes and procedures and have sent extra pictures of the kids playing and learning throughout the day, so parents can feel looped into their child’s learning. It is clear the staff and teachers are invested in the health, education, and happiness of their students! 

-Beth & Kern, Former Pre-K Parents 

Northminster Early Childhood Center is a welcoming and nurturing environment for our daughter. The teachers, safety measures, billing office, and correspondence with the administrative team far exceeds our expectations. We wouldn’t want our daughter anywhere else for her preschool education!  

-Katie, Former Pre-K Parent 

We have trusted Northminster with our child since he was two years old without regret! The teachers provide a fun, structured, and caring environment for the children to learn and grow. The entire staff is a joy to work with on a day-to-day basis with great communication. 

-Alexandria and Christopher, Former Pre-K  Parents 

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